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There are a lot of such places on our planet, which beauty can take anyone’s breath away. The charming and bustling city of Milan, located in a friendly and emotionally saturated Italy, belongs to the most wonderful places of the globe, too.
Milan is the oldest city in Italy, that was founded in the VI-V centuries BC by galls. Even nowadays, the streets of Milan pose a unique mysterious and enchanting atmosphere. From this blog you will get a chance to learn more about extremely picturesque and famous sights of Milan and about the best way to choose a suitable hotel.

The cultural significance of historic, architectural monuments and museums in Milan is very high, because they are a major component of the image of the city. The main landmark is the gorgeous Milan’s world-famous Gothic Duomo cathedral, which attracts travelers by its unusual elegant architecture and a long and interesting history. Also, travelers can be interested in visiting the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Ambrosiana Art Gallery and Brera Art Gallery, the Sforza Castle. Theater and opera lovers will definitely enjoy great performances at the famous La Scala Theater.

There is a countless number of hotels of different classes in Milan – from incredibly cheap to sky-expensive ones. Located in the different districts of the city, Milan hotels are designed for a whole variety of tourists – for ordinary travelers, for people traveling by working affairs, for tourists with children, for elderly travelers, and so on. Business hotels, family hotels, luxury boutique hotels, tourist class hotels, low-cost standard hotels, cheap hotels – everyone can find the most appropriate lodging to stay in Milan. High level of accommodation service offered in Milan hotels will leave the best possible experience about this amazing city.

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